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Description:   Ex Merseyside Police. 2004  Vauxhall Vectra  3.2  V6  SRi
This vehicle entered Merseyside Police service on the 17th November 2004 and was based at Prescot in Liverpool.

The car was a patrol vehicle within the OSU (Operational Support Unit) Roads Policing department, providing a high visibility presence on the roads and motorways of Merseyside, and providing a specialist response to road traffic incidents.

This high performance work certainly puts these vehicles through their paces and in those five years alone, this car amassed an incredible workshop bill totaling 25,459.75 for servicing, tyres, parts, faults/repairs and labour.

The car left Police service, suffering from a blown engine, on 18th January 2010.
Destined for the recyclers, re-usable engine parts were removed, and the car stripped of all Police equipment.

The car was saved from destruction by its current owner who took delivery of it on the back of a low-loader on Friday 2nd July 2010.

After in excess of 5,000 of restoration work, and with support from Merseyside Police, the car is now in the condition you see it today.
Make:   Vauxhall
Model:   Vectra
Year:   2004
Owner:   Pete Kingwell
Vehicle based in:   West Midlands

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