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Description:   Ex Merseyside Police.

The car was built at the Jaguar plant in Halewood, Merseyside, and in March 2003 was shown to the world with great pomp and ceremony and hailed as "The New Jaguar Police Car"!

At a cost of over 50,000 the "Big Cat" was crammed with huge amounts of the latest hi-tech equipment such as new ANPR systems and was the first police car in the UK to have an inbuilt direct video link to a supporting helicopter unit.

Despite all of the hype the car was far too expensive for cash strapped police forces and ultimately over a five year period Jaguar only sold very small numbers for active duty of which only five took to the road as ANPR "Interceptors" - all in Merseyside. They were never active pursuit vehicles, being used mainly for high visibility roads policing and roadside number plate reading. No other Police Jaguar X-Type saloon (of its type) has been preserved.

LL03 VAA, based in St Helens as unit "DI-15", was in service from May 2003 until April 2010 which is an astonishing 7 years. The car retired at approx 136,624 miles.

The car has now been restored to reflect "working" condition - to show that the car was a very active vehicle. There are some bumps and scrapes commensurate to its life in service, which all add to the character and history of the vehicle, but the car is very clean and tidy and is always very well received at events. The livery has been fully reinstated, the correct blue lights and sirens installed which all work from the correct control panel and other period "dummy" items fitted for a very accurate recreation.
Make:   Jaguar
Model:   X-Type 3.0 V6 Sport AWD (4x4)
Year:   2003
Owner:   John Baldwin
Vehicle based in:   Hertfordshire

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